Data to Instruction Framework: Embedded Assessment & Feedback Loops for Personalized Learning

April 26, 2018  |  8:30 AM – 3:30 PM  |   $300 for Non-Members

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Our professional development is designed to be rich, customized and challenging in order to best assist educators, thus strengthening the potential of our region.

In order to create a culture of personalized learning, a process of continuous assessment is one of the critical cornerstones, foundational to diversifying resources, approaches, experiences and supports, which meet wide ranges of needs present in a student body. Our learning day will focus upon increasing consciousness around our methods of taking in, collecting and analyzing multiple points of data, across our various system roles. The ability to synthesize and categorize these points, in a real-time fashion, keeps us on the pulse of the learning community. With greater capacity to view everything in our environments as data, we become non-invasive assessors who act as informed decision makers.

This process of continuous knowledge gathering and intentional participation in feedback loops, opens avenues to increase competence across cultures, evaluate systems, determine interests, facilitate instructional relevance and build relationships with students and families. We become astute selectors and implementers of the highest leverage strategies and pedagogies, connected to identified needs and goals of the stakeholders, whom we serve. Through adaptive leadership and practice, comes the reality of achieving equitable outcomes for all students.

Equity Problem of Practice:

How does the misidentification of root cause in relationship to student- and adult-level data lead to inequitable outcomes, particularly for children of color?

Equity-based Solution:

Data to Instruction Framework: Embedded Assessment & Feedback Loops for Personalized Learning with Tamika Fuller

Facilitator: Tamika Fuller

Tamika Fuller is an independent consultant with an extensive background in advocacy, leadership, and customized approaches to accelerating growth. She has experience coaching and consulting nationally, and her knowledge of a variety of assessments contributes to her ability to engage stakeholders at deeper levels of understanding with regard to data collection, analysis, and interpretation. Her proven success as both teacher and mentor in turnaround schools has provided her with extensive experience in systems alignment and change management.

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