2nd Trimester-at-a-Glance

JANUARY – MARCH 2018 LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE SESSIONS Sheninger-100px Eric Sheninger January 11, 2018 Digital Leadership: Changing Paradigms for Changing Times Equity Problem of Practice:
How does our system need to change in light of recent research on how students learn, further advancements to technology, and the educational inequities that have existed for centuries?
Equity-based Solution: Purposeful and Strategic Digital Learning to Transform Education with Eric Sheninger
Erkens-100px-new Cassandra Erkens February 13, 2018 Getting to Instructional Agility Equity Problem of Practice:
How do educational systems provide feedback to learners that results in accelerated growth for all learners?
Equity-based Solution: Common Core Standards and 21st Century Skills with Cassandra Erkens
Beig-100px Jabbar Beig February 28, 2018 Teaching at the Core Equity Problem of Practice:
How can we apply brain- and language-based systems to support all learners in their acquisition of rigorous content and academic language?
Equity-based Solution: Teaching at the Core with Jabbar Beig