Getting to Instructional Agility

Erkens-New Course: Getting to Instructional Agility Facilitated by: Cassandra Erkens Date: February 13, 2018 Time: 8:30 AM-3:30 PM Location: WMEP Being instructionally agile is about making seamless instructional adjustments at a moment’s notice. This session takes participants through the core fundamentals of classroom assessment and quality formative assessment practices.  Rather than creating assessment events that require teachers to stop teaching in order to conduct their formative assessments, the focus will be on the more organic process of infusing assessment experiences into any activity or strategy. Specifically, participants will come to know the two, non-negotiable characteristics that make an activity a formative assessment experience as well as some practical strategies that can be used for assessment purposes. Learning Outcomes: Participants will:
  • Clarify definitions and expectations of quality formative assessment.
  • Explore what being instructionally agile means and what it might look like in a classroom.
  • Explore several practical strategies that blur the lines between assessment, instruction, and feedback.