Teaching at the Core

Beig-100pxCourse: Teaching at the Core Facilitated by: Jabbar Beig Dates: February 28, 2018 Location: WMEP Professional Learning Center During this course, we will explore some of our preconceived notions of student success. As an educational system, we have been given low requirements for target growth especially for certain demographics. This influences instruction in the classroom. A school (teachers and administrators) with lower expectations will convey this to students who meet those low targets (self-fulfilling prophecy). Our unique model is firmly rooted in research and has been field-tested in multiple districts for the past 25 years. We have found along with others, such as Richard Sagor, that by setting high expectations and creating a clear pathway students will reach amazing success. We cover Wiggins & McTighe’s well-recognized method to plan instruction using Understanding by Design (UbD). By creating a clear target, it makes it easier for educators and students to then reach the goal. Methods for intentionally designing academically rigorous units of study will be modeled. Our research has shown a thoughtful blueprint integrating language art skills with content increases success for all demographics. Be GLAD’s award winning ‘Give Me Five’ will be used to then provide instruction for the designed unit of study. The strategies teach students how to learn and be stronger with their own critical thinking regardless of their beginning levels.  We create a classroom environment that values the student, provides authentic opportunities for use of academic language, maintains the highest standards and expectations for all students while fostering voice and identity. Typically, we find students are not successful when the instruction in the classroom is not successful. By changing our pedagogy, we can create success in any classroom regardless of demographic.