About Future Forward

Future Forward Leadership Redesign Institute is a year-long professional learning series that integrates action team planning with a focus on developing future-ready schools and rigorous learning for all students.

Future Forward is an initiative of the West Metro Education Program (WMEP). We guide communities with care towards academic equity. We use research and evidence-based practices to lead school districts through a process of transformation.

Our process is guided by a comprehensive needs assessment to generate systemic and strategic implementation for change. Progress is monitored through the use of embedded formative assessments that focus on effective transfer of professional learning into classroom practice for equitable student outcomes.

The goal for the decisions we make, programs we develop, and the opportunities offered is to create valued benefits for our youth and families.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build our collective capacity to achieve educational excellence and racial equity. We will serve our 100,000+ students and staff through regional leadership, collaboration, commitment, and mutual support.

Therefore, our actions and Service Delivery Models:


Support member districts through strategic implementation of systemic transformational actions to accelerate achievement outcomes for student groups who persistently demonstrate academic and behavior disparities.


Facilitate utilizing collaborative strengths to scale up pockets of success within and across member districts.


Provide targeted professional development opportunities to close adult knowledge and skill gaps in meeting the needs of diverse learners.

Our Development Team

We’re an adaptive, diverse team of educational leaders. We’re future-forward thinkers with expertise and experience committed to transforming our vision of 21st century education into reality.

We’re local change agents collaborating and advocating for innovation to ensure all groups of students are prepared to navigate the unknown. Our intention is to create educational equity and build adult capacity to have the greatest impact on student achievement for each and every child.